Maria Moctezuma in Rainbows End Café

Live Contert * Maria Moctezuma *

The Mexican musician Maria Moctezuma presents herself for the live and acoustic in Prag at «Rainbow’s End Café and Art Garden»!

Maria Moctezuma, Mexican musician and composer, combines autochthonous Latin American and contemporary instruments and rhythms in her music. The result is the crossover genre Raizoso, derived from the Spanish «Raiz» (root).

With more than three albums on the market and her appearance in the documentary «Hecho en Mexico» by Lynn Fanchtein and Duncan Bridgeman, Maria Moctezuma is one of the most notable representatives of new Mexican music. After performing at festivals in Tokyo, Fukushima, Osaka, the USA and Mexico in her 10 year music career, she tours Europe this year.

In the concert, the audience will experience an encounter of Mexico’s musical roots and a blend of modern Latin American rhythms that will save instruments and elements of indigenous culture. A Bossanova / Cumbia, a Jarana / Rock or a Polka / Reggae, accompanied by the timbres of a Mayan tone flute, or a giant sea snail, provide a wide-ranging audio-visual experience.

Until Friday in Rainbow’s End Café!